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Warriors Orochi Four Interview with Producer Masaki Furusawa – Sacred Treasures, On-line Co-Op, New Mounts

In the previous couple of weeks earlier than the American/European launch of Warriors Orochi 4, we had the chance to speak with Masaki Furusawa, Producer on the mission, in regards to the new characters and a number of the newer mechanical adjustments that gamers can see for themselves very quickly.

Earlier than we began our transient interview for Warriors Orochi 4, the collection producer Masaki Furusawa wished to indicate off a little bit of the brand new mechanics and characters, which you’ll be able to see within the gameplay footage under, captured on PlayStation Four as we carried out our interview. As a reminder, Warriors Orochi Four shall be out on October 16th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Change, and PC.

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One of many new characters that we need to present [in Warriors Orochi 4] is Ares. The weapon that he makes use of is a dragon that may change varieties with a quite simple operation. 

Is [the Dragon transformation] his Cost Assault?

Sure, sure. And by utilizing magic, he can trip his dragon as a mount and struggle as he rides.

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Regardless that Ares is already a god, does he use the brand new Deification Energy from Warriors Orochi 4?

He doesn’t change, however all through the battle, he can use the Rage talents.

I’ve seen that gamers may have totally different Rage talents, relying on if they’re initially from Dynasty Warriors or Samurai Warriors.

That’s true. It adjustments primarily based upon the bottom sport. The brand new characters are nearer to Dynasty Warriors actions.

Within the earlier Warriors Orochi titles, characters have been separated into varied sorts and one among them was Marvel. What changed Marvel since I don’t see that as a personality sort?

In earlier Warriors Orochi video games, there have been 4 sorts and we narrowed it down to 3: Energy, Method, and Pace. Though the quantity turned smaller, every component has very distinctive traits that may be extra comprehensible to the participant.

One of many largest upgrades to Warriors Orochi Four are the Sacred Treasures. Are you able to speak about that system?

This time, our key phrase [for Warriors Orochi 4] is ‘Gods’. Utilizing the ability of every god, that’s within the type of Sacred Treasures (Mjölnir is one among them). With the ability given by the gods, you possibly can carry out totally different actions. There are sixteen Sacred Treasures and every character is assigned a particular Sacred Treasure.

So there isn’t a approach to give a personality a special Sacred Treasure afterward?

That’s proper. This time, we didn’t make it attainable. Between Primary Actions and the Sacred Treasures, we wished gamers to mix these two and have enjoyable as a set.

Speaking in regards to the weapons, every character’s remaining weapon was referred to as a Mystic Weapon [in previous Warriors Orochi games]. Is there the same system for Warriors Orochi 4?

Are you speaking about hidden weapons?

Sure, comparable to should you play a particular character in a single stage and earn 600 kills in 10 minutes, for instance.

Sure, there are comparable issues accessible. After you attain the ending, there shall be extra to play.

It appears like there shall be so much should you wished to finish each character. That’s at the very least 160 weapons you’ll must unlock.

That’s proper. It’s attainable that gamers can gather weapons once more and proceed to benefit from the sport.

I’ve seen that some characters may have totally different weapons from earlier iterations. One such character is Lianshi, who used a crossbow in most video games however lately switched to the Mandarin hookblades.

Sure, that’s one thing that’s totally different. Between Dynasty Warriors 7 authentic and Empires, the weapons have been switched and changes have been made to one thing newer.

Will Warriors Orochi Four have totally different problem ranges for every stage?

That’s proper. You’ll be able to choose a stage and decrease the problem whether it is too laborious.

Are you able to earn higher weapons or totally different gadgets on a better problem?

Sure. Relying on the problem stage and the tougher a stage is, you possibly can earn extra highly effective weapons.

Does Warriors Orochi Four have totally different mounts that you may equip, comparable to Purple Hare for Lu Bu?

Sure, there are additionally Pegasus and Unicorn. We ready these as a pre-order bonus. Aside from these, there’s Downloadable Content material that features one thing new and one thing totally different.

Are you able to trip a panda?

It’s not contained within the Season Move, however with a number of the mounts just like the Panda that have been accessible in earlier video games, we’re pondering of reviving these.

So possibly we are able to as soon as once more play as Meng Huo and trip an elephant?

[Laughs] Sure, these are Downloadable Content material, so please count on to have them accessible.

I wished to ask in regards to the on-line play for Warriors Orochi 4. Will you be capable of play all the marketing campaign from starting to finish with a pal?

It’s attainable to play the story mode with a pal.

Do it’s important to end a stage earlier than you possibly can play it on-line with a pal?

Sure, for every stage, you select to play by your self or with a pal. Afterward, you possibly can select to play the identical characters. However you can not begin from the center of a stage.

I do know that from earlier than, you needed to end a stage after which come again earlier than the net play was unlocked.

That’s nonetheless the identical, so you’ll have to full the stage by your self earlier than you possibly can play collectively.

For my final query, Nezha had each a robotic and human kind in Warriors Orochi 3. Will the robotic kind return in Warriors Orochi 4?

There shall be two variations of Nezha.

Thanks very a lot to your time.


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